The Flash: Mixed Signals Recap

Synopsis: Barry deals with the ramifications of abandoning Iris while facing a meta who can control technology.

We’re Barry and Iris, right? 

All is not well in Star City. Well, besides your normal day-to-day Meta attack, relationships start to show the wear and tear of not being around one another for such a long time and the reason why that separation happened.

One of the reasons I fell in love with this show is that there was a lightness to it, that is lacking in equally entertaining superhero shows that focus on the darkness of humanity. Question, why has no one copyrighted the term “superhero”? Anywho, I digress, this lightness, for this season, is relying on the “relationships” of the show.

In this episode, Barry and Iris are having a hard time really getting back on track or “sync up.’ Blame it on miscommunication, which in all honesty is the root cause of most issues between couples.

For Barry and Iris though, tears are shed. There is a lot of hurt that was repressed by Iris in the six months that Barry was in the speed force. She has tried to stifle it for the good of the group, but with Barry is back in the mix, it is increasingly harder for her to keep that hurt stuffed deep down inside her.

Being the gold standard is not enough to keep her from being hurt. What Barry needs to remember that it is no longer him…it is him and Iris. All decisions made will be made together, for better or worse. In this episode, during a crucial time in attacking a meta, he listens to Iris finally and it helped. YaY!

This, however, is not the only relationship we are focusing on. We are also watching Cisco and Gypsy deal with being in a relationship even though they are living in different dimensions. Again, the reason they overcome their issues with the help of communication. Gypsy lays her heart out for Cisco and he understands, accepts, and embraces that their they have reached a new level in their relationship.

Caitlin is even in the mix as she acts like the Dr. Phil of the team by giving some insightful advice about what may be awry in the relationships of her friends.

While this is all happening, there is a bio-hacker Meta terrorizing his old friends who stabbed him in the back to make their millions. In all honesty, this tale was not the star of the show, but it did lead us back to that brainiac guy and to someone that may prove to be equally as dangerous and he has the key to the prison, Warden Wolfe.

I am glad that the show has returned to it’s former glory, I hope it sticks.

Next: A new meta called Hazard causes bad luck for Barry and the team, while Harry Wells returns to Earth-1 with a message for Wally from Jesse.

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