Riverdale: Nighthawks Recap

Synopsis: With the gunman still at large, Betty leads the charge to save Pop’s from closing; Jughead’s attempt to find FP a new lawyer may have some serious repercussions.

Dark deeds lead you down dark paths.

This show was always about the core four. That is Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie.

While this is a tragic turn of events in Riverdale, what is really tragic is that the core four are all going down very dark paths…knowingly or unknowingly.

I know that we all know that Betty has a much darker side, but even I took a step back when she cunningly threatened Cheryl Blossom into making her testify on behalf of FP Jones by stating in court that she forgives him for his involvement in her brother’s death (remember he did not kill him) and then stating that FP was threatened in to helping. In this moment, these cousins, mirror one another in their ability to get what they want from others.

What was at stake? The video of Cheryl’s father killing Jason. It is now in the safe hands of Cheryl and her mother.

Jughead is beside himself in trying to save his father. So, when all else fails, he turns to a serpent with a law degree. Penelope Peabody. This woman gives Jughead the advice he needs…and it helps, but when FP finds out about who his beloved son turns to in his time of need…his reaction gives us all cause for concern. What has our Jughead gotten himself into? He now owes a favor to this snake charmer.

These machinations to save FP have also given the Serpents the ability to cross the tracks and that is definitely not a good thing for Riverdale, which is apparently a crime-ridden town. Filled with drug deals and murders…

When Archie finds out that Miss Grundy has been murdered, he and us, out two and two together. Miss Grundy was married to a man that she had to run away and create a new identity for herself. But, was that just a misdirection? Why do I ask? Because Moose and Midge have also been killed at the hands of  the Black Hood. But, was he mistaken and thought it was Archie in the car?

Who is this Black Hood and why is he targeting the students and staff of Riverdale?

But, you know what is equally as disturbing as these murders? The dynamic in the Lodge household.

Hiram is some sort of Trump-like guy who has his hands in various things, especially in illegal activities. Now the has come back into town, Hermione has become his right hand guy and that is a horrible the thing because she just wants to fall in line with whatever Hiram wants. However, after keeping her parents at bay, Veronica acquiesces to try to mend the family.

But, she has that gut feeling that this may be a mistake on her part. Especially with the disappearance of Smithers and the chocklit shoppe getting a generous donation (was bought) by Hiram.

This all does not bode well for our core four.

Next: Archie takes matters into his own hands; An unexpected turn of events leads the town to realize their darkest chapter may be far from over.

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