Gotham – A Dark Knight: The Blade’s Path Recap

Gotham – A Dark Knight: The Blade’s Path Recap

Synopsis: Nygma uses Butch to regain power and identity; Sofia Falcone appeals to Penguin’s vulnerable side; Bruce makes bold moves with the dagger in his possession.

How many times does Alfred have to charge into GCPD and freak out in front of Jim before everyone realizes that Master Bruce should have a police tail on him 24/7.

This time, Bruce decides to kill Ra’s at Blackgate. He initially hedges on killing the sleeping evildoer, but when Ra’s threatens the future lives of the wife and children of Bruce…he does the deed.

Ra’s always wanted Bruce to do it, he was the only person that he deemed worthy of the task. Yet, there was no transfer of power when Bruce killed Ra’s. It was just a moment of Bruce realizing what he had done. By killing Ra’s, Bruce believes he has done wrong. This is not what his parents would have wanted for him. So, he decides to chuck his crime-fighting outfit into the fire. Luckily, Alfred stops him from doing so.

The one thing that Bruce does not know is that Ra’s had a visitor, Barbara.  Ra’s gave Barbara something. What that thing is, well…we’re not really sure what it is. Nor do we know how it will effect Barbara or even Gotham.

While our future caped crusader closed a chapter in his life, or so he thinks, our favorite evildoers have their hands full.

Ed is still reeling from the fact that he lost his mental edge. Since day 1, Ed has reveled in the fact that he was one step ahead of everyone. That is why he excelled in his initial job with the GCPD. It is also why he excelled as a criminal.

Now that he has lost that capability, what is he? What is his worth? It was really sad to see hi fail at robbing a pharmacy. But, luck is on his side.

Ed is all smiles

Butch has come from his grave with both hands, white hair, a pasty countenance, and the verbal capacity of grade schooler. Butch a.k.a. Solomon Grundy is in need of assistance and he thinks that Ed will be his friend. However, as in his past life as Butch, he is being taken advantage of. Ed leads Solomon to Cherry’s. It’s an underground fighting ring.

Do you know who else we saw at Cherry’s?


I know! Why is Lee there? Why is she back in Gotham? So many questions.

Sophia Falcone is still sewing the seeds to get to Penguin. She successfully gets him to have lunch with her as a way to have everyone in Gotham see that the Falcones accept Oswald’s stranglehold on the city. The lunch does not go well as one of the dishes reminds Oswald of his dearly departed Mom. Yet, as Oswald sits by a fire and tries to ease the pain in his foot. Sophia selflessly kneels before him and warms his foot with her hands and hums softly. This act of kindness reminds him of his mother. Hook, line, and sinker.

Penguin is sucked in

This episode shows how the bad guys really make the show.

Next: Gordon and Bullock pursue a serial killer who’s assassinating cops and dressing them in pig heads…PYG!


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