The Gifted – S1.3 – eXodus a.k.a. Lesson Learned

Synopsis: In an attempt to reunite, Reed makes a deal with the Sentinel Services while Caitlin and the kids get help from someone outside the compound.

This week’s episode was focused on lessons learned for the non-mutant characters.

Kate is hell bent on visiting her brother for assistance in finding her husband Reed.

Her kids come in tow because they do not want to lose her as well.

However, the plan for help fails because the people she grew up with do not care that their friend is in need. All they see is the bounty for her and her children’s head.

Ultimately, her brother does come through for her by taking the brunt of the mob, while she, her kids, Proudstar and Eclipse escape.

The only reason they escape is that Blink got her power back because she thinks she and Proudstar are in a relationship, which was implanted by Dreamer.

Kate is still hell bent on finding Reed.

Reed, like Kate, wants to find his family. He even made a deal with the Sentinel Services, headed by Jace, to lead them to the mutant underground as long as he and his family have immunity. When he has an opportunity to make good on the deal, he decides to back out in order to save a mutant Mom and child.

Sometimes, doing the easy thing is not the moral thing to do.

What we come to find out in the last discussion between Kate and her brother is that Reed and Polaris are being moved to another facility.

While we question how Polaris’ parentage comes into play in this universe, remember the scene between her and Eclipse and the romantic aurora borealis? Magnetism…think… It will be interesting to see Reed cross paths with this Mom-to-be.

Again, this show continues to entertain, mind you I could do without the giving the memories to another plot. If the show centered on three groups: mutants on the run, the Struckers, and Polaris and Eclipse and all these three versus the Sentinel Services…we would have a much more focused show.

This could lead to expanding to a bigger universe in season 2.

But, who am I to say that?

Next: eXit strategy: The mutants devise a plan to take down Sentinel Services; Eclipse looks to an old friend to obtain information; Lauren and Andy attempt to combine their powers to help the group.

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