Gotham: Demon’s Head

Synopsis: Bruce puts the lives of a Gotham Natural History Museum historian and his grandson in danger as he attempts to discover the meaning behind his knife from the auction.

When Bruce goes to an expert to learn about the knife he bought, we learn a bit about the knife. Unfortunately, for the guy who was looking it over, R’as al Ghul killed him. What he did not know is that his grandson hid and slipped away with the knife.

While R’as and his demonic dogboy and his handler are on the hunt for the boy and the knife and Jim and Bruce are trying to protect the boy.

Fear is normal. 

The boy in question gets a pep talk from Bruce, but he gets on in return, which was weirdly cool.

God, I love Alfred. He stormed in and punched R’as like any parent would. Amazing! Now both Alfred and Jim are in the same situation…freaking out! But, Alfred finds a clue and Jim goes off to save Bruce and the boy.

However, this was all a test, wasn’t it.

R’as needs someone to take his place and he thinks it is Bruce. So, when Jim, Bruce are confronted with R’as and he has the boy with a knife to his throat and threatens to kill him for the knife. Bruce refuses to give up the knife because he knows R’as is evil.

Now, Bruce feels responsible for everything that has happened.

We see Penguin contending with trying to find Ed before Ed kills him and then meeting with Sofia and allowing her to set up camp in Gotham. Unfortunately, for those faithful to Carmine…they come a knockin’ and it is to their detriment. Her path to regain Gotham will clearly be a rough one.

There was a funny bit and it involved Ed and Penguin finally coming face to face. However, when Oswald realizes that this Ed before him is not the Ed that he loved, he decides to let him go. Now, we will see if Ed will regain his ability to turn a clever riddle in a blink of an eye…and will he get a chance to exact his revenge.

The more this show starts to parallel the look and feel of the Dark Knight movies and the Batman Animated Series the more and more it sucks me in.

What I do not like is that Jim keeps getting sucked in by these women, just do your job without any romantic entanglements.

Next: The Blade’s Path – Nygma uses Butch to regain power and identity; Sofia Falcone appeals to Penguin’s vulnerable side; Bruce makes bold moves with the dagger in his possession.

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