Arrow: Fallout a.k.a. Being a Dad is Hard

Synopsis: Oliver deals with the fallout of the explosion on the island.

It has been five months since the big bang and it seems like everyone has moved on from the events on the island with relative ease. Except for two people, Quentin and William.

Just be his father…

William is still grieving for the loss of his mother and blames Oliver for her death. Unfortunately, with the demands that being the mayor of Star City and being the Green Arrow has not allowed him to be the 24/7 super involved parent that he wants to be. As

Oliver is not the only one that is having issues being a parent. Quentin feels guilty for shooting Black Siren aka other universe Laurel Lance. While his heart screams that this is his daughter, his brain has to wrap around the fact that this is not his baby girl.

But, what is Laurel’s objective for targeting team Arrow and why did she steel a T Sphere?

Be Patient and Be Prepared

Slade returns in time to inform Ollie that he is off to Calgary to find his son, Joe. He also gave him a bit of advice…eventually he needs to make a choice between being a Dad and being the man he has been all this time. This will be a tough choice. But, when he connected with William it was so sweet.

But that moment of hope was dashed when breaking news revealed that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.

What that mean for Team Arrow, who knows…but, it’s not good.

There were other interesting tidbits to this episode:

There was only one casualty of the explosion, William’s Mom. Thea is in a coma and there is no idea of how long it will take for her to recover.

When Rene is about to leave the hospital, Oliver gives him an envelope that will allow him to have another hearing to get his daughter back.

John is still suffering from the injury he got from the explosion and that may hamper his effectiveness as a team member.

Olicity fans rejoice, the two are at their usual cute coy, sweet selves, but with everything going on in Ollie’s life, this relationship will possibly have to take a backseat.

All in all, this was a fun return. Especially with the minimal flashbacks, I was never a fan of them.

Next: Tribute – Anatoly returns to Star City with a sinister agenda as Oliver tries to balance being the mayor, the Green Arrow and William’s father.

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