Riverdale: A Kiss Before Dying

Synopsis: Fred’s life hangs in the balance following the shooting; Veronica’s father arrives into town; Jughead and Betty question the gunman’s true motives.

One of the best things about this show is that we have these four kids who are basically in a “it’s us against the world” scenario and they genuinely care for one another. That is why it is great to see how much they depend on one another and refuse to give up on one another.

It is also interesting to see how they make small town, USA look as dark as any inner city in the country. I mean, how can this one little town in carajo land NYS be such a hotbed of criminality?

Papa Andrews has been shot, but was the intended target really him or was it Archie? Which we tried to figure out via many dreamlike synapse firings that Fred thought of when he was in a coma.

The answer comes to him and us…and that is why Fred comes out out of his coma.

Now, while the town rallies around Archie, we see these side stories such as Betty struggling with Juggie’s possible involvement with the Southside Serpents. Now, we know Jughead will not cross that line, but that group is beholden to his father and will always consider Jughead a member. They even went so far as to punch the stuffing out of someone that may know why Fred was shot. Juggie may be over his head with this group and may need his Dad back as quickly as possible.

Veronica has changed since she has arrived to Riverdale, which was evident when she refused to leave Arch’s side as she struggled with the idea of possibly loosing his father. But, Veronica’s parents are back together and they are a force to be reckoned with. There is an air to Hiram that screams Godfather and even Hermione has raised the “do not fuck with me” attitude and this does not bold well for Ronnie or anyone in town. Will their expectations for her force her to revert to her old self or will it create a bigger chasm between them?

But, that is not the only family to contend with. Cheryl Blossom is in full control of what is left of her family and has turned to the dark side. That does not mean she has lost her compassion for those that have been kind to her. No, she goes to Fred and give his a kiss of life. Something she probably would not give to her own mother, can you blame her?

Regarding the shooter, he kills Miss Grundy at the end of the episode. So, he aimed for Archie and missed, got Miss Grundy…who is next? Why is this happening? This is such a headscratcher.

I love it!

Next: Nighthawks – With the gunman still at large, Betty leads the charge to save Pop’s from closing; Jughead’s attempt to find FP a new lawyer may have some serious repercussions.

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