Gotham: A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks

Synopsis: Gordon travels to Miami to persuade Carmine Falcone to help fight against Penguin; Carmine’s daughter follows Jim back to Gotham; Bruce is put on Penguin’s radar during an auction at the Iceberg Lounge.

The divide between Bruce and Selena deepens, as they continue down their respective paths of becoming Catwoman and Batman.

For Bruce, it means learning techniques such as the art of disguise from Alfred. That does not mean that he still does not need help. Alfred continues to be his “man in a chair,” personal physician, and back-up. We should all thank Alfred for his love of Bruce, because it allows him to become the hero that we all know and love.

For Selina, she is trying to prove her worth to Barbara, as she wants to be seen as an equal to Barbara. However, Bruce thwarts Selina’s plan to steal a crate from Penguin at the docks and it happens again when she tells Bruce of her plight, after she tries to steal a coveted knife, and he tells her that he cannot help her.

That coveted knife is desired by one person and that person is R’as al Ghul. Bruce and Alfred know this. They also know that Barbara is in cahoots with R’as, but why? What is the importance of this knife?

It will be interesting to see how Sofia Falcone’s presence in Gotham will affect Penguin’s power over the city. Also, how will this affect the ailing Carmine Falcone. Will he, with his last breath, try to interfere to save his daughter.

Also, there is an undeniable attraction between Jim and Sofia, will it go down the typical path for any of Jim’s loves?

The highlight of the episode was the story between Penguin and Riddler.

Myrtle Jenkins thawed Riddler as she is a stalker to a “t”. However, Riddler is a bit off as his synapses are not all firing correctly.  Ed can’t wrap his head around even the simplest of riddlers. Now that he is free of his stalker and has his sites set on Oswald, what will happen to our favorite couple of the show.

Does Oswald still love Ed? Will Ed not kill Oswald?

When the bad guys are pitted against one another, the show is electric. So, chances are, the rift between will grow and grow.

A Dark Knight: The Demon’s Head – Bruce puts the lives of a Gotham Natural History Museum historian and his grandson in danger as he attempts to discover the meaning behind his knife from the auction.

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