Being Famous Is a Mixed Blessing for EXO…

My younger sister-in-law sent me a link to a talk show from Korea that is hosted by Kpop Music Mogul/Artist JYP and on it was a Kpop band I like, EXO. My husband even took me their concert this year…poor man. He was the only guy in our section. Thank God that we were right by the bar and food section.

Anywho, I watched the show that was sent to me and I felt so bad for these guys. Because, even if you become famous and rich, you can potentially end up losing so much that we take for granted.

Once you become popular and your fandom grows, the ability to live a relatively normal life dwindles and the fans become a bit more intense, as if they own them. And it does not matter what age the fan is. Their fans are so demanding. They will not let them date or even talk about getting married and having kids.

It is so sad. I thought one the guys was going to cry as he spoke about difficulty of being who he is. Almost to the point of walking away from being a part of this world.

At least, here, in the States…it is expected for popular artists to date, marry, divorce, remarry, divorce…it is a vicious circle. But, this is not the case in Korea.

I look at the guys and think of my own kid, who is their age. I would only want my kid to be happy.

Anywho, if you do not know who EXO is…check them out. They are quite talented, very charismatic, and give a great concert…as both my husband and I can attest to.


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