Outlander – Of Lost Things Recap

Claire gets less of the narrative than ever before in an episode that sees Jamie living his life in the shadows.

We’ve seen Jamie overcome a lot. The loss of the love of his life and his child, surviving the Battle of Culloden…barely, imprisonment, indentured servitude as a groomsman at the aristocratic estate of Helwater, and now walking away from his son.

We see him corned into having relations with Geneva Dunsany. As a result of that night, a wee bairn was born. This little boy, with a striking resemblance to Jamie, is the reason he sticks around as the Groom to Lady Dunsany. Before long, he knows it is time to move on because their resemblance will cause issue for both of them.

When that little 8 year old runs after Jamie as he heads back to Scotland, I teared. It reminded me of the moment in The Patriot, where the little girl chases her father and cries, “Don’t leave me.” Gutted.

The big question is, as a viewer, will Jamie and William ever cross paths again?

The only good thing is that Lord Grey and his Wife, Isobel, have promised to take care of William and Jamie trusts them both wholeheartedly.

Claire also had to walk away from the hunt for Jamie when the trail of ship manifests died at the National archive.  This affects Jamie and Claire’s daughter as well as she gets closer to her mother, but also has to stop her burgeoning relationship with Roger.

What an episode.

This season continues to amaze me.

It pulls at the heartstrings and makes you pray that Jamie and Claire find one another and we are one step closer to that moment.

The next episode is titled Freedom and Whisky –   Twenty years of longing erupts in tears as they reacquaint themselves. They are disconcerted and shy from…

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